Forestry licence applications for the whole of Ireland appear every Wednesday on the Department of Agriculture’s website. 


You will see weekly lists of forestry licence applications for January and February to date at that link. You will also find weekly applications for forest roads, aerial fertilisation and felling licences.

January: January – Forestry Licence Applications

February: February – Forestry Licence Applications

March: March – Forestry Licence Applications

You have 28 days from the date the application is posted on the Department’s website to submit an observation or objection. You can also request all documentation and maps associated with the application.


Examples of grounds to object:

  • Obstruction of Light and/or views
  • Bogland / Protected Habitat / High Nature Value Farmland
  • Prime scenic area/tourist attraction
  • Heritage site / ring forts / mass rocks / famine graves / archaeological remains
  • Streams / rivers / lakes on or close to site
  • Close proximity to homes and buildings
  • Isolation
  • Disenfranchising  wildlife and biodiversity
  • Neighbours and adjoining land owners not notified about application or approval
  • Road infrastructure won’t support the machinery for felling


We’ve written a sample objection letter below. Feel free to use and amend to your own concerns

Email objection to:

Or in writing to:
Forest Service
Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine
Johnstown Castle Estate
Co. Wexford

To whom it concerns,
Re: Afforestation Licence CN____
I wish to object to the above Afforestation Licence.

Afforestation is having a detrimental impact on the social and economic fabric of our communities. From the 2016 Census, one can clearly see the decimation of our townlands and our rural communities as a result of the relentless afforestation of Co. Leitrim which has led to depopulation, forcing closure and threatened closures of our primary schools and local businesses and the loss of GAA football clubs.

With the emergence of speculators and vulture funds who purchase our land but make no commitment or contribution to the well- being of our rural communities, they are making it impossible for local farmers to compete with them on the open market. This would be seen as unjust in any society.
I strongly believe that the current National Policy on forestry as it stands is wreaking havoc in Co. Leitrim with approx. 50% of the agricultural land already planted.

My reasons for objecting are:
– Decimation of our townlands and rural communities
– Closure of local schools and businesses
– Relentless afforestation is detrimental to the social and economic long term viability and integrity of our community
– Relentless afforestation is having a negative impact on the environment, farming, heritage and culture of its environs.
Please provide me with all documentation and maps associated with the above application.
I request a receipt of acknowledgement of this objection and please keep me informed of any developments in relation to the above application.

Yours faithfully,