Welcome To Save Leitrim

Save Leitrim was founded by a group of like-minded people from across this county at a meeting in Drumshanbo on 17/1/2018.

It was set up to fight for the survival and future of Co. Leitrim, which is being decimated by the relentless subsidised Sitka Spruce afforestation programme.

Jim Mccaffrey from Cloone, Co. Leitrim speaks about the hugely negative impacts Sitka Spruce blanket forestations are having on the people and communities.


50% of County Leitrim’s agricultural land is planted in non native, invasive species. That’s 14,000 Hectares ( 34,595 acres) of Leitrim land and it is increasing everyday. That’s 34.5 MILLION SITKA SPRUCE TREES! It is the law that once land is planted, it can never be taken out of forestry.
We are most definitely not against trees! We are for the right trees, in the right places being managed in the right way so that everyone benefits! The environment, the wildlife, the communities, the farmers, the economy, the county and the future. Right now what’s happening, and has been happening for more than 40 years, is wrong. It’s all about the money rather than being about what’s right and best.


The local people are seeing first hand the decimation of our communities with a massive increase in afforestation by private forestry companies, vulture funds, tax off setters, pension funds and multinational companies. ALL TAX FREE at the expense of the Irish tax payer. This monoculture planting of Sitka Spruce is destroying our landscape, protected habitats, our environment and the eco systems of the land, rivers and lakes. The use of phosphorus and nitrogen through aerial fertilisation and toxic chemicals being  sprayed on trees and landscape to kill pine weevil is also killing many other organisms, animals and insects, including the bees, and finding it’s way into our water system. 

RTE television recently visited County Leitrim to discuss the impact monoculture forestation is having on the county.

The people of Leitrim are shouting STOP! They have been doing so for over 40 years. Our county is disappearing fast beneath a 60ft wall of green and so are the communities and people with it. We want the government to stop and LISTEN TO US! We want full focus on broadleaf trees, tourism, our environment, our biodiveristy, our landscape, our farmers, our communities, our county and our future. Leitrim’s future!